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Women's Health Medicines

Dhanwantri Pharmaceutical is tagged as one of the most outstanding women's health care medicine suppliers from India. We offer natural and herbal Women's Health Medicine that is formulated keeping in mind the women̢۪s body requirements and problems. These medicines assist in the regeneration of new blood cells as well as for detoxifying the circulatory system. Additionally, these women̢۪s health herbal medicine helps in balancing hormonal imbalance and also takes care of irritation, anxiety, lethargy and other PMS symptoms. They canm be obtained at affordable prices.

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Sundri Sudha

Indication : This medicine helps to cure backache, loss of appetite, anaemia, tiredness, giddiness etc. in females.Beneficial for the health and beauty of females.

Dosage : 10 ml (2 tea spoons) twice or thrice a day with milk or water

Compositions :


Nirogya Sundri
Compositions : Areca Catechu 25mg ,Acacia Arabica r.t.s 12.5mg , Butea Monosperma r.t.s. 12.5mg , Salmalia malabarica schoot r.t.s. 50mg , Pterocarpus Santalinus 50mg , Saraca Indica 12.5mg , Symplocos Racemosa 12.5mg , Coriandrum Sativum 12.5 , Pueraria tuberosa 37.5mg , Withania Somnifera 50mg .

Benefits : This


Compositions : Aloe Vera Tourn 50 mg, Picrorhiza Kurroa 50 mg, Aconitum Heterophylum 50 mg, Clerodendrum Serratum 50 mg, Zingiber Officinale 50 mg, Sesamun Indicum 50 mg, Lagenaria Sicerarja 20 mg, Carbonate of Potash r.t.s. 30 mg, Treacle Moiasseas 50 mg.

Benefits : Regularises menstrual


Female Ashoka Tablets

The Female Ashoka Tablets, we make available, are herbal and prepared under the most sanitary conditions at our own facility. We are Uttarakhand, India based entity, involved in manufacturing & supplying Female Ashoka Tablets throughout the national market. These Tablets are safe to consume, remove black spots under the